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A practical approach to building business resilience

We help ensure your response teams are capable and confident to manage any business disruptive event

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Escalate Training and Awareness programs are designed to improve capability with a practical approach to learning and development.

Each training session is designed to fit an organisations requirement across each of our service offerings.

Using ‘real world’ case studies as a base – Escalate Training seeks to prepare organisations to take the lead in a disruption. Using their plans and processes as a base.

Escalate Training and Awareness sessions are suitable for all leadership and resilience management teams, including Company Boards.

Improve response and management of any disruptive event across your organisation

Ensure all staff responsible for managing a disruptive event are confident in their roles and responsibilities

Explore real-world case studies applicable to your organisation

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By conducting an objective review and update of their existing Crisis Management Plan along with two Crisis Management training sessions......

Escalate Consulting has acted as a Risk and Resilience advisor for Griffith University, providing direct support since April 2020......

Escalate Consulting has assisted Queensland Cricket in reviewing their Risk and Resilience documentation, in line with good practice, to build capability for the organisation to deal with current and potential future disruptive events....