Resilience Documentation Review & Roadmap

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Reviewing your systems for clarity and relevance

We review your existing programs to ensure all your documentation, procedures and practices are not only current, but clear.

How you’ll benefit

Escalate, will take a pragmatic approach to existing program reviews to ensure that current documentation, procedures and practices:

• Comply with required guidelines and standards
• Meet recognised ‘Good Practice’ across industry
• Fit the complexity and size of the organisation
• Align with the objectives of the organisation and its future direction.

Escalate will tailor the assessment criteria of the review to meet client expectations and requirements.
Key considerations, outside of those listed above, that Escalate will always assess are:

• Access and usability of documentation
• Plan and Policy structure to meet organisational demand
• Interface with other existing plans
• Escalation and Activation of plans
• Ownership and accountabilities
• Team composition and team structures
• Detail and usability of response and recovery documentation
• Communication preparedness
• Awareness, training and simulation activities
• Through program support requirements

Each program review will incorporate interviews with key program stakeholders and leaders.
The interviews and discussions are key to understanding current capability and also ensure that the review outputs meet the expectation of the client and build momentum to change through executive engagement.

Escalate will provide a full report highlighting observations and recommendations against each of the required assessment criteria.
Further Escalate will map the requirements to remediate deficiencies to meet ‘Good Practice’.

Comply with required guidelines and standards

Meet recognised industry best practice

Fit the complexity and size of the organisation

Align with your objectives and future trajectory

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Escalate Consulting has acted as a Risk and Resilience advisor for Griffith University, providing direct support since April 2020......

Escalate Consulting has assisted Queensland Cricket in reviewing their Risk and Resilience documentation, in line with good practice, to build capability for the organisation to deal with current and potential future disruptive events....