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An opportunity to practice and develop your resilience capability in a safe environment

We help ensure your plans are appropriate to the size and complexity of your organisation

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Escalate Simulations are opportunities to practice and develop your Resilience capabilities in a safe learning environment.
Completely tailored to an organisations operating environment, risk profile and training needs – Escalate Simulations are designed to challenge you.

Escalate will work with an organisation through the following steps to prepare an appropriate simulation:

• Objective setting and approval
• Logistical Planning and Preparedness
• Assessment Criteria confirmation against simulation objectives
• Scenario Identification
• Scenario Development Workshop

Once established, Escalate will facilitate the simulation to maximise participant engagement and ensure all objectives are met.

Escalate will provide a full Simulation Report is completed that documents:

• Achievement of Objectives
• Observations and Recommendations against Assessment Criteria
• Summary of follow-on actions

Designing a simulation exercise based on objectives of the organisation

Identifying a relevant and appropriate scenario through multiple scenario development workshops

Inclusion of all relevant management teams that support your response

Full facilitation of exercise including post-exercise report outlining observations and recommendations to continue to enhance your organisation’s resilience

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By conducting an objective review and update of their existing Crisis Management Plan along with two Crisis Management training sessions......

Escalate Consulting has acted as a Risk and Resilience advisor for Griffith University, providing direct support since April 2020......

Escalate Consulting has assisted Queensland Cricket in reviewing their Risk and Resilience documentation, in line with good practice, to build capability for the organisation to deal with current and potential future disruptive events....