Crisis Management / Strategic Response

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Respond, mitigate impact and maintain controlled and consistent communications

We help you manage an event that impacts organisational strategic objectives, values or reputation.

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Escalate Crisis Management / Strategic Response Planning seeks to support the leadership of an organisation assess and respond to significant disruptive events, mitigate against their impact and communicate in a controlled and consistent manner.

Escalate plans will provide a clear method for assessing the requirement to activate Crisis Management Teams and will also clearly articulate the organisations support network.
The Escalate methodology for Crisis/Strategic Response is tailored to an organisations operating environment and stakeholders, to ensure that the business and secondary impacts can be identified and dealt with rapidly – ensuring that you are ahead of the event.

Escalate Crisis Management / Strategic Response Plans incorporate communications requirements throughout, to ensure that an organisation knows how, to who and when to get a key message out.

As one part of the Business Resilience puzzle, Crisis Management/Strategic Response will be linked to existing Emergency, Incident and Business Continuity Programs.

Align decisions and actions with organisational values and objectives

Understand stakeholder requirements

Activate teams to support the response

Conduct post-incident reviews to identify key learnings

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By conducting an objective review and update of their existing Crisis Management Plan along with two Crisis Management training sessions......

Escalate Consulting has acted as a Risk and Resilience advisor for Griffith University, providing direct support since April 2020......

Escalate Consulting has assisted Queensland Cricket in reviewing their Risk and Resilience documentation, in line with good practice, to build capability for the organisation to deal with current and potential future disruptive events....