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Every disruption is different,
and so is every business

At Escalate Consulting we understand that every disruption is different and so is every business. We also know that just templating a business resilience solution can create gaps, duplication of efforts and confusion. Most of all we truly understand that disruption should not be business as usual.

Escalate Consulting specialises in providing business resilience solutions tailored to your organisation, its operating environment and your unique structure. We build off experience and lessons learnt from real events, to ensure that our clients are prepared for the challenges to come.

What we offer

Resilience Documentation Review and Roadmap

A thorough review of your existing program to ensure current documentation, procedures and practices are compliant, best practice and aligned to your organisation.

Incident Management Planning

Clearly articulate the assessment of an incident, the operational impacts and support the Incident Management Team in the implementation and communication of the required response.

Business Continuity Planning

Our practical approach to Business Continuity will ensure you are prepared to mitigate against disruption and have clear processes and procedures to maintain critical functionality.

Critical Business Function Testing

In line with Business Continuity good practice, the testing of Critical Business Function recovery is key to proving Business Resilience.

Team Training and Awareness

Tailored training sessions designed to improve team capability and prepare your organisation to take on a disruption with confidence.

Crisis Management / Strategic Response Planning

Supports the leadership of an organisation to assess and respond to significant disruptive events, mitigate against their impact and communicate in a controlled and consistent manner.

Simulation Exercises

Completely customised opportunities to develop, practice and challenge your Resilience capabilities in a safe learning environment.

Post Incident / Event Review and Reporting

A comprehensive and objective review ensures that your organisation reflects, evaluates and grows from a disruptive event.

Audits and Assessments

Ensuring compliance against legislation and relevant standards to ensure the overall health and safety of your company’s workforce and adherence to procedure and cultural alignment.

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