Business Continuity Planning

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Mitigate against disruption and keep your business functioning

We help you identify those functions, activities and processes that are critical to enable your business to continue to function in the face of a disruption.

How you’ll benefit

Escalate Consulting believes in taking practical approach to Business Continuity, whilst still aligning with International Standards, Good Practice Guides and Industry Good Practice.
Put simply an Escalate Business Continuity Plan is one that you can use!

Escalate consulting follows the required ‘Good Practice’ steps to establishing Business Continuity:

• Analyse
• Design
• Implement
• Validate

The key differentiator is client engagement to ensure the usability of the plans – rather than forced process.

Escalate firmly believes that Business Continuity is not complete without Recovery Plans that cover your Critical Business Functions.

In consultation with the organisation, Escalate will ensure you are prepared to mitigate against disruption and have clear processes and procedures to maintain functionality!

Identify critical business functions and the resources required to support them

Understand how resilient critical providers are in being able to maintain supply to your organisation

Recover processes, functions and activities in accordance with your organisational priorities and objectives

Undertake long-term recovery of processes, functions and activities for your organisation

Conduct post-incident reviews to identify key learnings

Every organisation should be looking to improve its resilience and the ideal tool is ReadyBC.

ReadyBC is the latest innovation in BC software designed to simplify, streamline, and customise Business Continuity management for any business, regardless of size or complexity.

Map dependencies and generate a real-time list of resources required across your organisation as ReadyBC takes your business continuity to the next level.

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By conducting an objective review and update of their existing Crisis Management Plan along with two Crisis Management training sessions......

Escalate Consulting has acted as a Risk and Resilience advisor for Griffith University, providing direct support since April 2020......

Escalate Consulting has assisted Queensland Cricket in reviewing their Risk and Resilience documentation, in line with good practice, to build capability for the organisation to deal with current and potential future disruptive events....