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Keryn Malone
Senior Manager, Risk and Resilience

Keryn is as a highly accomplished professional, adept in navigating complex policy landscapes, spearheading projects, and driving change. Possessing an extensive background in the public sector, she is a solutions-focused individual with experience in emergency response and disaster recovery.

Keryn is an innovative team player, who not only brings strategic acumen to the table but always leads with her social conscience. Her enthusiasm, paired with a considerate approach, reflects her dedication to achieving outcomes. Keryn is committed to delivering results that make a lasting impact for business and the customers and communities that they serve.

Keryn’s experience spans across all levels of Government, providing her with a unique perspective on disaster preparedness, planning, response, and recovery. These insights are directly applicable to any industry, enhancing risk mitigation strategies. Holding a Masters of Project Management, Keryn employs a methodical approach in developing key capabilities. Her unwavering commitment to fostering positive stakeholder engagement aims to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement in resilience planning and crisis management across diverse landscapes.

What sets Keryn apart is not just her academic qualifications and professional achievements, but her passion for creating a sustainable and resilient future. Her vision goes beyond routine tasks; she seeks to instil a sense of proactive preparedness and adaptability, contributing to the overall success and longevity of any organisation she engages with.

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