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Resilience Program Review
Team Training & Awareness
Incident Management Planning
Crisis Management / Strategic Response
Critical Business Function Testing
Business Continuity Planning
Post Incident / Event Review & Reporting

Resilience Documentation Review and Roadmap

Escalate takes a pragmatic approach to the reviews of existing program to ensure that current documentation, procedures and practices:

  • Comply with required guidelines and standards
  • Meet recognised ‘Good Practice’ across industry
  • Fit the complexity and size of the organisation
  • Align with the objectives of the organisation and its future direction

Escalate will tailor the assessment criteria of the review to meet client expectations and requirements. Key considerations, outside of those listed above, that Escalate will always assess are:

  • Access and usability of documentation
  • Plan and Policy structure to meet organisational demand
  • Interface with other existing plans
  • Escalation and Activation of plans
  • Ownership and accountabilities
  • Team composition and team structures
  • Detail and usability of response and recovery documentation
  • Communication preparedness
  • Awareness, training and simulation activities
  • Through program support requirements

Each program review will incorporate interviews with key program stakeholders and leaders. The interviews and discussions are key to understanding current capability and also ensure that the review outputs meet the expectation of the client and build momentum to change through executive engagement.

Escalate will provide a full report highlighting observations and recommendations against each of the required assessment criteria. Further Escalate will map the requirements to remediate deficiencies to meet ‘Good Practice’.

Incident Management Planning

Incident Management requires a practical approach to response and is for the ‘Doers’ of an organisation. Escalate Incident Management Planning is designed to clearly articulate the threshold for activation of teams and key subject matter experts – to support them in the assessment of a situation, the disruptive impacts and support the Incident Management Team in the implementation and communication of the required practical responses.

All Escalate Incident Management Plans are designed to sync up and link with Emergency Management and Strategic/Crisis Management programs.

Crisis Management / Strategic Response Planning

Escalate Crisis Management / Strategic Response Planning seeks to support the leadership of an organisation assess and respond to significant disruptive events, mitigate against their impact and communicate in a controlled and consistent manner. Escalate plans will provide a clear method for assessing the requirement to activate Crisis Management Teams and will also clearly articulate the organisations support network.

The Escalate methodology for Crisis/Strategic Response is tailored to an organisations operating environment and stakeholders, to ensure that the business and secondary impacts can be identified and dealt with rapidly – ensuring that you are ahead of the event.

Escalate Crisis Management / Strategic Response Plans incorporate communications requirements throughout, to ensure that an organisation knows how, to who and when to get a key message out.

As one part of the Business Resilience puzzle, Crisis Management/Strategic Response will be linked to existing Emergency, Incident and Business Continuity Programs.

Business Continuity Planning

Escalate Consulting believes in taking practical approach to Business Continuity, whilst still aligning with International Standards, Good Practice Guides and Industry Good Practice. Put simply an Escalate Business Continuity Plan is one that you can use!

Escalate Consulting follows the required ‘Good Practice’ steps to establishing Business Continuity:

  • Analyse
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Validate

The key differentiator is client engagement to ensure the usability of the plans – rather than forced process. Escalate firmly believes that Business Continuity is not complete without Recovery Plans that cover your Critical Business Functions. In consultation with the organisation, Escalate will ensure you are prepared to mitigate against disruption and have clear processes and procedures to maintain functionality!

Team Training and Awareness

Escalate Training and Awareness programs are designed to improve capability with a practical approach to learning and development. Each training session is designed to fit an organisations requirement across each of our service offerings.

Using ‘real world’ case studies as a base – Escalate Training seeks to prepare organisations to take the lead in a disruption. Using their plans and processes as a base.

Escalate Training and Awareness sessions are suitable for all leadership and resilience management teams, including Company Boards.

Simulation Exercises

Escalate Simulations are opportunities to practice and develop your Resilience capabilities in a safe learning environment. Completely tailored to an organisation’s operating environment, risk profile and training needs – Escalate Simulations are designed to challenge you.

Escalate will work with an organisation through the following steps to prepare an appropriate simulation:

  • Objective setting and approval
  • Logistical Planning and Preparedness
  • Assessment Criteria confirmation against simulation objectives
  • Scenario Identification
  • Scenario Development Workshop

Once established, Escalate will facilitate the simulation to maximise participant engagement and ensure all objectives are met.

Escalate will provide a full Simulation Report that will document:

  • Achievement of Objectives
  • Observations and Recommendations against Assessment Criteria
  • Summary of follow-on actions

Critical Business Function Testing

In line with Business Continuity ‘Good Practice’ the testing of Critical Business Function recovery is key to proving Business Resilience.

Escalate will plan, facilitate and assess an organisations recovery procedure for priority functions, ultimately against a ‘PASS/FAIL’ requirement. It must be noted that Critical Business Function Testing, is not a simulation, and the requirements to meet recovery objectives will be played out in real time.

Post Incident / Event Review and Reporting

Escalate provides an independent and objective based approach to Post Incident/Event reviews and reports. Escalate will ensure that all reviews are tailored to meet the requirements and objectives of our clients.

Designed to allow an organisation to review, evaluate and grow from a disruptive event. Escalate will ensure a comprehensive and methodological review, covering:

  • Identification and escalation of the incident/event
  • Management and Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Use of plans and procedures
  • Gaps and Shortfalls
  • Opportunities identified as part of the incident response

At the conclusion of the review Escalate will provide a full report, summarising the event, the actions taken throughout and key observations and recommendations.

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