Audits and Assessments

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We help you identify areas for improvement and maintain an effective safety management program.

Ensuring compliance against legislation and relevant standards to ensure the overall health and safety of your company’s workforce and adherence to procedure and cultural alignment.

How you’ll benefit

• Identify strengths and weaknesses in your safety procedures or management system

• Assess whether your safety procedures are legally compliant

• Compare current documentation and practices against best practice and legal obligations

• Recommend improvements in your safety procedures (where needed)

• Ensure that there are adequate resources available to manage risk and safety through detailed safety risk assessments

Audits – identify gaps or potential exposures

Reviews – rate the effectiveness of existing arrangements

Risk Assessments – identify hazards, measure controls and

Reporting – Clear findings and recommendations for improvement

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Escalate Consulting has acted as a Risk and Resilience advisor for Griffith University, providing direct support since April 2020......

In line with Good Practice, Escalate worked with Nortec to ensure that Business Continuity is created as a key management discipline that builds and improves Business Resilience for their organisation....